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How do I detect bed bugs in my home?

Bed bug detection in your home is very difficult as bed bugs are small and translucent insects that hide in-between cracks and crevices making them difficult to spot. Bed bugs feed on human blood and usually only come out at need to feed whilst you’re asleep hence the name “Bed Bugs”.

Don’t be fooled however, bed bugs although known for being nocturnal when hungry will come out in the broad daylight and will bite you in the middle of the day. If you’re finding little red bumps, large welts or scabby pimples on your arms and neck then you might have a bed bug infestation.

When trying to detect bed bugs, don’t just assume that they’re only in your bed or mattress. Although that seems to be their favourite hiding spot, they often reside in soft furniture, light fixtures, floors and inside the walls.

Remember you’re the bait so wherever you’re spending a lot of time in one stop is most likely a good place for a bed bug to reside in.

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How can ABC Pest Control help me detect bed bugs?

Luckily for you at ABC Pest Control, we have invested in the latest bed bug detection techniques and a method which helps our local Blue Mountains residents get rid of their bed bug problem quickly and effectively.

Our most proven method is our bed bug detection dogs. These dogs are breed to detect bed bugs and have a 98% success rate as opposed to an average 30% for licensed and qualified bed bug experts.

Once you’ve detected for certain that you have bed bugs, don’t assume that we will be able to solve your bed bug infestation overnight. Bed bug detection is just the beginning, treating the bed bugs can usually take up to a couple of weeks to ensure that the bed bugs are completely removed and stay removed from your Blue Mountains home.

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